• Clear Rayz delivers premium and innovative Light Therapy devices to be used in the convenience of your own home. Since 2001, Clear Rayz has been developing ground-breaking skin care and acne technology. Combing blue and red light tackles acne blemishes at their two main causes: bacteria and inflammation. Research has shown that blue light at 415 nanometers activates chemical changes in the bacteria, which destroy it completely. Red light at 633 nanometers penetrates the skin to combat the inflammation and heal the acne breakout.

    The Clear Rayz System uses the same technology as professionals and dermatologists to rid the skin of unsightly pimples and red bumps. No matter your skin tone, age, or type, you can use the Clear Rayz. It doesn’t cause any side effects, so that means no irritation, dryness, or peeling, like many other acne treatments can cause.